Superior King

The low-profile and dignified design extend infinitely, implying exquisite elegance. The separated shower eliminates body fatigue to offer a good night’s sleep.


Executive King

Classic one large bed and wood pattern design style is exquisite and luxurious. Concealed within the bustling city, what welcomes you is the tranquil 5th alley.


Junior Suite

Japanese classics, partly hidden and partly visible, independent one room and one lounge layout for businessmen and travelers to explore the peace that has been absent for a long time, as well as relax the body and mind.


Premium Suite

First choice for business travelers, preserving unique Japanese classical sentiment, offering tranquility, exquisiteness and elegance from within.
It is the private space suitable for meditation and relaxation.


Tango Suite

The beginning to luxurious enjoyment, the massaging bathtub for two, the urban night sceneries, the connected exquisite classic and modern style.